Top 10 Upsets in Cricket History

Image courtesy of marian anbu juwan from Pixabay

Cricket is a worldwide famous sport, if not all, then almost every country relishes cricket. Nearly all major countries represent themselves in cricket, and almost all cricket enthusiasts bet on cricket at Lottoland Asia.

Cricket is an internationally celebrated sport. It induces thrill worldwide, and each one of us fixes our eyes to the television screens, where two teams compete head on to chase victory.

Therefore, cricket holds an utterly special place in the hearts of a lot of people: the cricketers, the board, the fans, and the ones that place wagers on the teams. However, there are instances where cricket miserably shattered hopes and delivered one of the most terrible upsets of the cricket industry.

So here is a list of the top 10 classic Upsets that cricket has served us all in the past years.

Image courtesy of marian anbu juwan from Pixabay

10) Bangladesh vs. Pakistan, World Cup, 1999

This game wasn’t the focal point of the 1999 world cup, but it did make the list of the most significant cricket upsets.

  • Bangladesh is not a strong team; however, that day, it crushed Pakistan.
  • No matter how unsettling this win was, it uplifted Bangladesh’s position in world cricket and launched it into test cricket.
  • Although there were several allegations of match-fixing, this game proves to be the most unsettling event in cricket history.

9) 2018 ODI: Scotland vs. England

2018 was the year of England’s flight as the number one ODI team; the team even lifted the next year’s World Cup.

  • However, they were vanquished by Scotland, a small associate nations team.
  • Scotland would not be considered a team potentially capable of winning against a team as powerful as England, as it hardly plays around.
  • But that day took everyone by surprise, by setting the scores right and carving their first win against England with a high score of 371.

8) 2007 World Cup: Bangladesh vs. India

This event is engraved in cricket history as both terrible and terrific. Terrible in the sense that India’s loss was a major blow to ICC, and terrific because it bloomed Bangladesh’s fate as a cricketing nation.

  • The 2007 Indian team was lined up with experience and expertise, and it was highly unprecedented for a team like Bangladesh to even compete against it.
  • However, the events rolled, and tables turned real fast when the newly admitted youth of Bangladesh crushed the experienced Indian squad.
  • The Bangladesh team was new yet highly skilled; the bowlers blew out the majority of excellent Indian batsmen. And on top of it, the 17-year-old Tamim Iqbal set the stroke play on fire.

7) 2007 World Cup: Ireland vs. Pakistan

World Cup 2007 was a series of shockwaves and a stack of unprecedented victories. Yet another shocking win of that season’s match was Ireland’s victory against Pakistan.

  • Pakistan’s team stands strong in the cricket league; however, there have been events when it has been stripped of its positions by highly low profile teams.
  • The Ireland team proves to be the best example of such events.
  • The 2007 victory of Ireland was all because of the bowlers.
  • The bowlers swept off the entire team of Pakistan with a mere score of 132.

6) World Cup 2011: Ireland vs. England

This match took the most unexpected course throughout its entire run. The result wasn’t what everyone was anticipating.

  • England did fine and even gave a chasing score of 327/8. But no one knew that Ireland would conjure up enough potential to fulfill that chase.
  • Kevin O’Brien did wonders with his bat by scoring a significant figure of 113 in just 63 balls.
  • His quick batting was what thrust England forth and towards the brim of victory.
  • The final deal was sealed by John Mooney and Trent Johnston by successfully executing the chase and setting the score in Ireland’s favor.
  • Ireland won by 3 wickets in a match that was almost impossible to pick on.

5) 1983 World Cup Final: West Indies vs. India

The 80s were the times when west indies reigned over the cricket leagues. West Indies was a two-time world champion and continued to make remarkable victories in the following cricket leagues.

  • However, this was the day that every West Indies cricket supporter would rue and every Indian cherishes.
  • Maybe this was the day that intensified Indian’s cricket potential and launched its cricketing course for the better.
  • The team did everything they could to defend the chase they set up against some of the most influential West Indies’ batsmen and ultimately sealed the deal.

4) 1983 World Cup: Zimbabwe vs. Australia

Australia has been world-renowned for its dominance in the cricketing world. However, this dominance was shattered into pieces when Australia lost to Zimbabwe, which played its first ODI at that time.

  • When you piece this entire incident together, it sounds scarcely probable and highly unbelievable.
  • And this unsettling nature of this game is what puts it on this list.
  • Duncan Fletcher took over the match by surprise by scoring 69 runs in 84 balls and taking 4 wickets.
  • Zimbabwe led the chase by 13 runs and swiped itself towards one of the most unbelievable wins of all time.

3) 1996 World Cup: Kenya vs. West Indies

Kenya scored its win against one of the most heavyweight teams of the league, the West Indies.

  • West Indies bowled real good and bowled Kenya out for 166 runs.
  • This insinuated their win; however, the tables turned real quick, and Kenya rose as the winner.

2) 2003 World Cup: Kenya vs. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was an excellent team and was in no way expected to lose against Kenya.

  • However, the match escalated quite fast and unraveled some unexpected scores.
  • Although Kenya scored 210 all over, they bowled real good and successfully dismantled their strong opposition by 53 runs.

2005 Natwest Tri-series: Bangladesh vs. Australia

This match shook the cricket industry to its finest core.

  • Although Bangladesh was not a bad team at that time, it wasn’t quite merited to crush the heavyweight team of Australia.
  • The start was shaky, but the end was extremely unexpected. This match shook the cricket league’s edifice when Bangladesh won with 5 wickets over a team as compelling as Australia.