Cricket Events You Can Bet On

Photo courtesy of Dhanasekaran Kasiappan from Pixabay.

Over the decades, cricket has grown to become a huge sporting event with more people gaining interest in it by the day. The number of players is increasing and so is the number of countries that are showing interest in the game. India, England, Australia, and Pakistan used to be the home of cricket but many countries of the world have begun to show significant interest in the game. The world of sports betting has also embraced crickets and there are many fixtures available to bettors to take advantage of. Today, you will find many cricket sites for India on that you can sign up with and place your bet. Before you go-ahead to start betting, you should know the types of cricket events available that you.

Top Three Cricket Events to Bet On

Cricket has no season, which means it is played all through the year. There are always numerous event options that are available for you to place your bets on. You should be aware of the duration of the game to know how to place your bets. Some events take a few hours from start to finish while some can be played over five days. Additionally, the game is not gender-biased. This means you can find cricket events for both males and females that you can bet on. In this part, we will look at the top three cricket events that you can put your money on.

Photo courtesy of Dhanasekaran Kasiappan from Pixabay.

Test Matches

A test match is played for five days between two countries. Many countries participate in test matches, including England, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and the West Indies. These countries are regarded as test playing countries. Of course, many other international teams that play the game of cricket but have not attained the cliché of test playing nation. With many teams playing from different parts of the world, there is always a game going on at some point in the year. This implies that gamblers have many opportunities to bet and win on the game. For in-play betting, you can find the five-day worth of games, which means you have ample opportunities to make winnings.

3 – And – 4 Day Matches

Matches between states and countries in different countries of the world are regarded as 3 – And – 4 Day Matches. For instance, England has County Championship, which is grouped into two divisions. The games among these divisions are played over four days. Other domestic leagues have matches regularly across the globe. Punters can place bets on both international and domestic games across the globe.

1-Day Cricket Event

Over the decades, one-day cricket has gained popularity. International teams play more one-day games than test matches. It means you can find major competitions from different leagues that you can bet on. These include the ICC Trophy and the World Cup.


Twenty20 Cricket is another popular game that is gaining traction. The game features loud music and furious dance steps to attract crowds from different walks of life. The game usually lasts for three hours. Each team plays a single innings with a maximum of twenty overs. Every innings lasts for about 90 minutes and a ten minutes break between two innings. The year 2021 is ushering in a new version of the game known as “Hundred.” This new version is sure going to bring many betting opportunities to punters around the globe.