Who Are Currently Top of the World Cricket Rankings in Each Format?

The bat-and-ball game of cricket is probably the most popular team game after soccer. The 11 players representing each side are responsible for the roles of batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping for their team. The game has undergone quite a noticeable transformation over the years and is played in multiple formats in the present day. It also furnishes sports betting in the cricket betting sites as a subset of the game.

The International Cricket Council or ICC is responsible for ranking the premiers of the game with respect to their contemporary performances. Each format features three of them, one batsman, one bowler, and one all-rounder. Let’s take a quick look at the players who dominate the game in each format.

Cricket -Photo courtesy: BrianAJackson

Test Cricket Rankings

Test cricket, played over a span of five days using a red ball, is the earliest form of the game. The vintage test cricket is still considered as the most challenging format as compared to the other two, as it tests the skill, patience, and endurance of the players in difficult scenarios. However, it does not feature limited overs, unlike ODI and T20I.

Joe Root – Best Test Batsman

The former England captain is one of the best batsmen to grace the game of cricket. With more than 10,000 runs averaging over 50, Joe Root has 28 centuries and 54 half-centuries in his name.

Pat Cummins – Best Test Bowler

Australian captain Pat Cummins is the best test bowler according to ICC rankings. The right-arm fast bowler, known for his lethal pace, has 199 wickets in his name with an average of just over 21 in test cricket.

Ravindra Jadeja – Best Test All-Rounder

Ravindra Jadeja has been a consistent performer for the Indian cricket side for over a decade. A lower middle-order batsman, Jadeja has more than 2,500 runs in his name with an average of over 36. He bowls left-arm orthodox spin, bagging 242 wickets in his test career. His classy fielding has helped the Indian team to pick up wickets via catches or direct run-outs.

One Day International (ODI) Rankings

ODI is the second format in the timeline of cricket, which combines a mixture of power-hitting and endurance in the game. It was initially played in 60 overs but has been reduced to 50 later on. It is played with a white ball, making it easier to hit and score runs.

Babar Azam – Best ODI Batsman

As can be seen at Cricket Betting Man, Babar Azam is presently the captain of the Pakistani cricket team in all formats. He is known for his orthodox batting style, with more than 4,500 runs in ODI cricket and a batting average of over 60. He has hit 17 centuries and 17 half-centuries in ODI cricket.

Trent Boult – Best ODI Bowler

Trent Boult is New Zealand’s number one fast bowling option since his impressive performances in the 2015 World Cup. The left-arm fast-medium pacer has 187 wickets with an average of under 24 in ODIs.

Shakib Al Hasan – Best ODI All-Rounder

Bangladeshi test and T-20I captain Shakib Al Hasan is known for his overall impact in white ball cricket for his team. He has scored over 6,500 runs in the ODI with an average of 37+. He bowls slow left-arm orthodox spin and has picked up 285 wickets for Bangladesh in ODIs.

T20I Rankings

T20I is the newest format in the game, focussing primarily on power-hitting and scoring as many runs for the team in a limited span of 20 overs.

Mohammad Rizwan – Best T20I Batsman

Mohammad Rizwan is Pakistan’s opening batsman and wicket-keeper in T20Is. Although he is yet to reach the 2,000-run mark in T20s, he has an immense average of 52 with a strike rate of about 127.

Josh Hazlewood – Best T20I Bowler

Hazlewood is one of the finest Australian pacers topping the T20I rankings. He has picked up 46 wickets for his side in T20I with an average of 18.

Shakib Al Hasan – Best T20I All-Rounder

No wonder Shakib is Bangladesh’s best in white-ball cricket as he tops the list yet again. He has scored over 2,000 runs and has a batting average of 23 and strike rate of 120+ in T20I. He has also picked up 121 wickets for Bangladesh in the same format.

The Bottomline

The cricketers mentioned above are the current bests according to the ICC rankings of September 2022. The rankings vary with time and may miss out on some of the masters of the game who are waiting for their moment to strike back.