What Makes Cricket Such a Beloved Sport in Australia?

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Australian Cricket has a long history, dating back to the first official match played there in 1803. Sydney newspaper reports at the time telling of how the new colony had already taken to the game. Australia’s first international match took place in 1851; the match held at Launceston saw Tasmania victorious, finishing 3 wickets ahead of the opposing team from Victoria.

Everyone knows that Australians love cricket but why is the sport so popular?

Australian cricket has grown great popularity, support and success since then, becoming the countries national summer sport. With the Big Bash cricket league being popular through Australia lots of sports betting websites are offering signup promotions and welcome bonuses. It is worth looking at what sporting fixtures are coming up and seeing which ones you might be able to bag a bonus on if you wish to place a bet – lots of sites will show you the Big Bash League live score so it’s easy to keep up to date with what’s going on!

The History of Australian Cricket

Australia’s national cricket team has an illustrious track record, being one of the consistently most successful international teams. Since their first test cricket match in 1877, played against England they now hold the enviable record of greatest percentage of wins of any nation.

Photo courtesy of Moondyne at English Wikipedia.

With the games great accessibility, grassroots upwards and over 1.5 million Australians being actively involved in cricket clubs and competitions. Both men and women men are active in the sport, with women now making up around 30% of participants. Those not playing the game are likely to follow and support cricket, some of the highest percentage TV viewing figures are for Australia’s international matches. The final of the cricket world cup in 2015 was the most watched sporting event in their history, with over 4 million viewers. It’s more than a spectator sport, with beach cricket and local clubs forming a significant part of Australian sporting culture.

International Cricket

One day international cricket, first played in 1971, has seen Australia win 5 times. The most of any national team! Since the first match in 1877, test cricket has evolved where teams now play for a number of championships and trophies – Australia are the most successful nation in test crickets history.

The Ashes, and Australia’s long sporting rivalry with the UK, have deep rooted emotional and political meaning for the population. A rivalry that has brought about some great sporting moments and victories home to Australia.

Domestic Cricket

Each Australian state has its own cricket team, competing in both the Matador cup one day competition, and the four day Sheffield Cup. Twenty20 cricket being played in the big bash league.

All the Australian competing teams have now won the Sheffield shield. Tasmania winning for the first time during the 2006/7 season, but New South Wales holds the record, with 44 wins overall.

The limited over cricket, Matador One Day Cup sees Western Australia holding the most wins.

The Big Bash League – Australia’s Twenty20 cricket competition started in 20011 and features 8 teams. This exciting league has a great following and high attendance figures with its dedicated fans.

With Cricket’s rise and national success for Australia, it’s no wonder the game is so loved. Truly part of Australian culture, the games future fans and players are assured a strong support and national comradeship in their love of the game.

With Australia doing so well in international cricket games, more women being involved in playing and it being a family-friendly pastime it is no wonder that Australians love cricket so much!